Here's Every Public Holiday Malta's Getting In 2019... And All The Ones That Are Falling On Weekends

We're going to get more mid-week breaks than long weekends, tbh

Malta Public Holidays 2019

Christmas happened and New Year's Eve was spent making bad decisions with all the people we love. We all know what's coming next, but nobody wants to say it: the warm, fuzzy buzz of Christmastime is over, and the anticipation for the next holiday

So here's a list of all the next holiday that you can start counting down to. And each one after that until it's Christmas Day again.

Sunday 10th February: St. Paul’s Shipwreck

Don’t shoot the messenger, but we got some bad news, folks. This first public holiday lands on a Sunday. There’ll be no long weekend, but who needs more time off in the cold(ish) winter months anyway?

Tuesday 19th March: St Joseph’s Day

As soon as the week kicks off, we’ll be enjoying the start of warm weather (we hope) by Tuesday. On this feast day, look out for colourful processions with accompanying musical bands that will march through the streets of Rabat.

Sunday 31st March: Freedom Day

This is just another public holiday to land on a Sunday. We’d perhaps commemorate the anniversary of the withdrawal of British troops from Malta with more enthusiasm if this holiday could just land on a Friday, just sayin'.

Friday 19th April: Good Friday

It’s self-evident that it would be on a Friday, but perhaps shocking that it should come so late in a year. So students (and teachers) who eagerly wait for those Easter holidays to start, you’re going to have to wait a little longer this year. Also, of course, Easter Sunday will be on... wait for it... a Sunday.

Wednesday 1st May: Worker’s Day

Perfectly timed to break up your weekly work routine.

As you appreciate all workers this year (a.k.a. as you appreciate yourself), hopefully the good weather will accompany the feast day for you to go for a picnic or a mixja fil-kampanja (countryside walk), or even go for your first 2019 swim!

Friday 7th June: Sette Giugno

This holiday will take place on a Friday, which only means one thing: long weekend break. With the good weather that’s kind of guaranteed in June, spend some time in Gozo, or take a short trip to Sicily even.

Saturday 29th June: L-Imnarja / St. Peter & St. Paul

This holiday will take also place on a weekend. But don't you fret, because a holiday's a holiday, and this one is a good excuse to spend some time with your family at the beach just as the summer season starts.

You know, before you disappear from the household for the next couple of months.

Thursday 15th August: Assumption Day

This feast will take place on a Thursday. But let’s be real; it’s for sure going to be hot and you’re for sure going to spend the 24 hours of this day either in an air-conditioned room or the sea.

Sunday 8th September: Feast of Our Lady of Victories

This holiday also takes place during the summer holidays, and we’ll be celebrating it on a Sunday this year.

It marks the end of the Great Siege of Malta in 1565 and, in more recent time, the end to summer for most of us.

Saturday 21st September: Independence Day

Malta gained its independence from the British in 1964 and thank God for that, because not only do we have political and economic freedom, but we also have a good reason to celebrate.

Once again, this feast day has landed on a weekend day which means that your friends are all going to be free for a BBQ or all available for one of those long beach days that can only end in bad, uneven tans and frizzed up hair. So nobody’s really losing, are they?

Sunday 8th December: Immaculate Conception Day

Sigh, another Sunday public holiday. But that’s alright, because it’s December at this point and Christmas is in a couple of weeks anyway

This feast is also known as Virgins Day and one of the best places to celebrate this important day for the Catholic Church is in Bormla. Spend the day here to revive the festa feels that we left once summer ended.

Friday 13th December: Republic Day

In light of the 45th year since Malta realised its certain political autonomy, we’re going to all get a shorter week... but it is going to be on a Friday the 13th.

For the second long-weekend break of the year, start to really get into that merry Christmas mood and be jolly with a glass of mulled wine and a taste of home-made mince pies that we’re sure will be around at, like, every Christmas market.

Wednesday 25th December: Christmas Day

It’s the mother holiday of them all, ‘tis truly the season to for cheer and jolly... even if it's on a Wednesday. There’s enough distance from the weekend to not spend the entire lead-up to it as a couch potato.

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