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Here’s How To Rack Up Thousands Of Euros In One Night At A Paceville Strip Club

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Just like any other establishment, gentleman’s clubs are all about the bottom line at the end of the night.

However, after a Canadian man spent over €10,000 in one night in a Maltese club, people wondered: how is it possible to spend so much in so little time? Were there any sexual favours involved? Is it all a scam?

Lovin Malta spoke to professionals within Malta’s adult entertainment industry to see how one can spend more in one night than some people make in one year.

Drinks range drastically in price.

Like most establishments, the beverage range can go from local cheap beers to the most expensive imported liqueurs. One person working in the local industry said drinks can range from anywhere between €3 to €5 for a normal drink to €900 for a bottle of high-end Cristal champagne.

When a customer enters the club, it is the working women’s job to entice the customer to buy drinks, both for themselves and for the dancers. They’ll generally go for the more expensive drinks to begin racking up a decent bill, and will always aim for more wealthy men when given the choice.

One security personnel who worked in gentleman’s clubs in Malta, as well as other central European countries, said that while working in a club abroad, one client had racked up a bill of €250,000 after buying just 60 bottles of champagne.

But what about services from the dancers themselves?

“There’s a no-touching policy, at least officially,” the security personnel said. “But you never know if the girl gives the customer her phone number for later.”

When asked about women’s services, a worker from a separate club said: “We don’t do prostitution, we don’t do drugs or deal with any drug activity. We don’t rob people.”

Lovin Malta was shown receipts from the aforementioned Canadian man’s night in a Paceville club.

The payments vary in cost, with charges from €35 all the way up to €1,015. There are multiple payments over €1,015, with three of them occurring within a 40-minute period.

Anyone using foreign banks to make payments – such as Canadian banks – have the further cost of added charges each and every time they make a payment.

It is worth noting that it is very possible to go to a gentleman’s club and spend a normal amount – but the working girls there are incentivised to do their best to make sure this doesn’t happen and that you go as hard as you can – or, until your funds run out.

Have you had notable experience in a Maltese gentleman’s club? Email us in confidence at hello@lovinmalta.com.

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