Here's How Today's Sun-Filled Marathon Played Out On Facebook

Making us feel not-great about ourselves one photo at a time

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Photo: Vodafone Malta / Facebook

Today's marathon looked glorious – the sun was shining, the runners were glistening, and the glare off our laptop and phone screens as we watched them all work so hard was bearable.

For anyone who's missed it, because you've moved planet, here's a taste of the world of Malta's marathon as it played out on Facebook.

1. The prep pic

2. The epic start

3. The inevitable cynical post

4. The heroic muscle-throbbing shots

Screen Shot 2017 03 05 At 08 41 45

Photo: Vodafone Malta / Facebook

5. The TMI shot

6. The sweet but pretty random runners from Japan

5. The cute AF oldies

6. The couple that makes your relationship look like a sham devoid of true, enduring love

7. The local celebs

8. The I-nearly-died-but-it-was-worth-it status

9. The tl;dr thank you post

10. The I'll-do-it-next-time post

BONUS: Well fucking done!

That one's just from us. 

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Tag a friend who ran the marathon and congratulate them on their awesome effort today!

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