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Here’s What A Maltese ‘How-To-Be-An-Adult’ Class Would Look Like

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A newly launched Adulting School in Maine, Portland, USA has introduced a series of life-hacking classes that teach young adults how to manage with everyday scenarios that they would have otherwise left to their parents. So basically – anything you would pick up the phone to call your parents to ask them about has been converted into a tutorial.

It’s an interesting premise, and since it’s only been open since July 2016, we have yet to see how successful it will be. But, if it does spread to Malta, we’re pretty sure they’d have to tweak the curriculum a bit.

Here’s what we think the Adulting School of Malta should cover in it’s lesson-plan.

1. How to actually leave your parents’ house

Chapter One: No, you don’t have to wait till you’re married

Screen Shot 2017 01 26 At 11 31 00

2. How to haggle, Malta-style

Chapter Two: Make sure to tut and roll your eyes when your plumber gives you a quote – and remember to channel “ma tarax” vibes for at least 15 minutes.

Screen Shot 2017 01 26 At 11 32 16

3. How to regulate your house-temperature

Chapter Three: Useful mum-advice for not receiving an electric bill that’s more than your home loan – e.g. ixtri paġama suriet in-nies ibni.

Screen Shot 2017 01 26 At 11 34 05

4. How to get… anywhere

Chapter Four: “Pa, which one is Żebbuġ?” And other navigation-related questions.

Screen Shot 2017 01 26 At 11 35 00

5. How to always get the better deal on groceries 

Chapter Five: Spotting a ħalliel – with a special prelude from Nannu Karm.

Screen Shot 2017 01 26 At 11 36 57

6. How to not catch a cold during mezzo-temp

Chapter Six: Well, whatever the instructions, it will still be your fault.

Screen Shot 2017 01 26 At 11 38 23

7. How to not sacrifice your clothes to the elements

Chapter Seven: Hang them up inside-out, injorant.

Ezgif Com Crop 2

8. How to make any Maltese food

Chapter Eight: One day it will taste like Nanna’s…

Screen Shot 2017 01 26 At 11 43 52

9. How to background-check any person living on the island

Chapter Nine: U ż-żgur li nafha lil dik – ajma hey!

Screen Shot 2017 01 26 At 11 47 28

Are there any other lessons that would be taught in the Maltese Adulting School? tell us in the comments section!

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