Here's Why Freddie Portelli Deserved To Get A Medal

Don't pretend you haven't danced drunkenly to Mur Ħhallini at least once in your life


Along with several other high-profile individuals, Freddie Portelli yesterday received a Republic Day Honour medal for his contribution to Maltese society and culture. Known as the 'Elvis of Malta', this performer has had a career that spans almost 55 years and has given his fans some really memorable moments. 

So here's all the reasons why we think Freddie really deserves this badge of honour.

1. He's a team player – literally

Even before Portelli was a performer he was making Maltese crowds cheer for him – as a water polo player. In his sports career he won various championships with Sirens, Neptunes and Valletta and in 1964 him and his team won the International Independence Cup for Malta. 

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2. He's given us countless karaoke classic moments

There's nothing quite like a good Portelli sing-along to get any Maltese party going. Portelli unites Maltese party crowds, transcending generations, giving joy in equal measure to young and old.

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3. His songs will ALWAYS be fun

And can be reinvented to sound absolutely amazing...

4. He's been the soundtrack to our nation

Don't take our word for it – just listen to Maltese crowds singing along to his tunes...

5. He's a true patriot

"Viva Malta w il-Maltin 
Din l-art hi tal qalbenin 
Din l-art helwa kollha xemx 
Zgur fid-dinja bhala m’hemmx"

... nuff said.

6. He's a family man

Okay – so that alone doesn't merit him getting a medal, but it does make him that much more awesome.

8. He's not the only performer that has been awarded

Maltese musicians have already set precedent as recipients of this prestigious award – Gaia Cauchi and Ira Losco both wore the same badge for their careers spent entertaining us all.

Previous Winners

9. He's provided decades of entertainment

And we're not just talking about his unruly sideburns and steadfastly frizzy hair – he's played show after show, party after party, and he's showing no signs of stopping. 

So thanks Freddie – and congratulations!

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