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How To Host A Proper Pre-Drinks Party In Malta

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No proper night out in Malta can truly begin with a pre-drinking session, and the tradition of hosting pre-drinks at our houses has become a true testament of our country’s small size and friendly nature. Or that’s we tell ourselves as an excuse to drink more and start even earlier.

Hosting a pre-drinks can be the easiest thing, but hosting a pre-drinks worthy of the seasoned drinkers many Maltese people have established ourselves to be requires thought, courage and effort.

We’ve compiled a helpful list of six things to help you have a great time which will have your friends asking you for the next one.

1. Do not underestimate the importance of cold drinks and ice

Especially with the scorching heat of Malta’s summer.

It’s a simple fact that everyone likes their drinks cold. Even if we were living through an Ice Age, we’d still be putting our drinks in the fridge (if of course we still had electricity).

Be a good host and stock up on ice before the night begins.


2. Have a spillage plan

You might not be organising a wild party, but with five people steadily getting their drink on in a closed space, there’s bound to be some spillage

Make sure you have a cloth or something similar for the inevitability, and be in a mental and emotional state to not make such a fuss; you should’ve known what you were getting yourself into from the get-go.

Make sure to also remove anything really valuable from the room before the pre-drinks start.

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3. Have a designated smoking area should the need arise

If you’re inside, you’re going to want to have a place close by and outside where the smokers can go and suckle on death’s lips.

Leave a couple of ash trays around too just in case; smokers have a habit of dropping the buds of their cigarettes anywhere they’re conveniently standing.

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4. Set a lit playlist

We’re talking banger after banger.

You want to get to the point where everyone is signing out loud and is incredibly vibed for the night’s event (you know, the actual highlight of the night, supposedly).

You should know what you and your friends like by now; turn the volume up to a respectable amount, and let’s go.

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5. Have cards or drinking games at your disposable

Drinking games and cards are super helpful with getting the alcohol flowing.

They’re especially useful in scenarios when you have two or more groups of people who don’t usually stay together. Everyone is friendlier and outgoing once they’ve got a game going, and the host should be able to provide.

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6. Make sure everyone gets to the party safely

Your job as host might be nearly done, but it’s not completely over.

Before you leave, make sure anyone who shouldn’t be driving isn’t; book a taxi, ask their mum to take them, or make them go with someone sober. Be responsible, because the night is young and full of even more alcohol. Be safe.

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Tag someone whose turn it is to host pre-drinks!

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