Hundreds Of Maltese People Suggest Brand New National Patron Saint

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Malta already has a very long list of patron saints, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't consider adding a couple to the list while we're at it. And this latest suggestion definitely makes a whole lot of sense.

Willis Haviland Carrier is not a household name. Born in 1876 in New York, Carrier was an American engineer who built an empire on one invention in 1902... modern air conditioning.

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And what better country to honour the genius that was Carrier, then good old boiling Malta?

A post on popular Facebook forum The Salott shared a photo of Carrier, taking the time to thank him for his 112-year-old invention and its indirect contribution to the sanity of hundreds of thousands of Maltese people during painfully long heatwaves like the one we're currently going through.

"I think he definitely deserves some gratitude in these last couple of days," the post started. In a mere couple of days, the post got over 600 reactions, as clearly loads of people were on the same page.

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The post might've started as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek comment on how many people depend on ACs in Malta's summers and how we already celebrate dozens of saints as it is, but it seems like a great deal of people took it very seriously... or at least, as seriously as suggesting that the guy who invented airconditioning be canonised can get. 

Loads of people chimed in, suggesting making Carrier a saint, building a monument in his honour, or even electing him as their personal hero. "I'm eternally obliged," said one person, with another person thanking the American engineer on behalf of the entire country.

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Many more comments followed in the same vein, with other people commenting on how Carrier is definitely looking down at us from heaven. 

And hey, if we are going to make him the Patron Saint of Malta (which, considering the current heat, maybe we should consider), some people have already come up with some amazing suggestions.

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Tag a friend who'd definitely pray to San Kessaħ!

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