In Photos: Azure Window's Underwater Remains Stand Monumental In British Newspaper Feature

Collapsed but just as stunning

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As Malta approaches the six month anniversary of the collapse of the Azure Window, more and more people have been venturing underwater to check out the remains of what was once Malta's greatest natural icon. Now, in a feature on popular British news outlet, The Telegraph, the underwater ruins of the Azure Window strut their stuff and look monumental AF.

Being dubbed "the hottest dive site in the Mediterranean", the underwater Azure Window arc is now seeing life descend onto the collection of massive chunks of rock on the sea bed, and it's seemingly given a whole new breath of life to the area.

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"It's a loss to those who live above the surface," Brendan O'Brien, who visited the site in June, told the Telegraph. "For those who dive, it's one of the best things that has happened to Gozo". Konrad Baar from Family Diving Gozo even described the site as "now more attractive for the divers that before."

The entire structure is actually way more complex than it looks, with canyons and narrow passages, with depth ranges of anything from five to 52 metres. If you're looking into exploring the underwater complex, though, we wouldn't sit on it. Baar explained that seeing as the whole thing is now in open waters in Dwejra, the appearance of the rocks is predicted to change very quickly. "“In the next few months the surface of the rocks will be covered and everything will become green. Most probably the sharp edges will disappear under a layer of new life, so the divers should hurry up to see this place as it is now.”

The Malta Tourism Authority has urged divers to explore the site with registered dive clubs, especially considering the whole complex is a result of underwater currents and huge pieces of collapsing rocks. At least, it seems like the underwater Azure Window will get a way higher TripAdvisor rating than the current horrible one given to the original arc.

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Photos by Per Eide

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