IN PHOTOS: It Rained This Morning In Malta, So Of Course There Were Traffic Standstills Everywhere

The rest of the weekend isn't looking much sunnier

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Almost like clockwork, as the feast of St. Paul's Shipwreck tomorrow approaches, the weather in Malta has taken a turn to the worse. And while there were only reports of light rain this morning, that didn't stop traffic in most areas to come to a complete standstill.

Facebook pages like Maltese Road Traffic Updates reported a number of traffic jams across the island, but Marsa was again the centre of much of the standstills. The road leading up to the St. Venera tunnels was even busier than usual, with some people complaining that it took them over an hour to get to work. 

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By the time drivers got to Kappara, reports were coming in of a taxi that had lost control just up the road from the Manuel Dimech Bridge in St. Julian's, dislodging a part of the wall and spinning to face the wrong way. 

No one was hurt in the accident, but the traffic was about to get even worse. Back in Marsa, the backlog started to build up even more. 

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More reports of accidents started coming in, with a collision between an ambulance and three other vehicles being reported on Regional Road just after the University tunnels.

Another accident had just occurred in the same area, this time seeing a 27-year-old woman being hospitalised after her car was caught in a three-vehicle crush which also included a bus.

The two accidents ended up causing a major traffic jam in the busy road.

Attard, Żebbuġ, Qormi and Luqa also experienced traffic standstills, with dozens of users uploading photos behind an all-too-familiar trail of traffic.

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With Carnival weekend upon us, the next three days aren't looking much better.

Today and tomorrow will continue to see rainy bouts, along with strong winds which will go from Force 4 this morning all the way up to the infamous Majjistral tomorrow for the feast of St. Paul. Saturday's wind will go all the way up to Force 7, and the Malta International Airport website has already issued a wind warning for the coming hours. This will also have a direct effect on the temperature, which is set to feel like 11°C for the next 24 hours. Lows of 9°C will no doubt feel even more chilly with those strong winds, and that rain isn't going anywhere on Sunday.

Sunday's temperature might be set to go up to 15°C (which will feel more like 13°C with all that wind), but thunderstorms might also make their way to the Maltese Islands by the end of this weekend. If you're heading to Gozo or any exposed area in Malta, stay safe.

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Photo by Zsófia Rába

Did you encounter any traffic this morning? Let us know and tag someone who needs to check out this weekend's weather forecast!

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