IN PHOTOS: Malta Turned Into One Big Street Party Over The Last Couple Of Days

And it's not stopping just yet

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With such a gruelling month leading up to Malta's snap general election finally coming to an end over the last weekend, we always knew that at least half the population would be taking to the streets to breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate the results. 

But with the Labour Party securing another record landslide victory, the expected festivities went on overdrive. Here are some highlights from the last couple of days, where Malta seemed to instantly turn into a massive street party to celebrate Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's re-election.

1. As the news broke, people of all ages took to the streets in their cars

2. And the people who stayed at home still made sure they celebrated in style

3. Back in Valletta, people were looking for any sort of high ground above the crowds

4. For some people, their personal cars weren't enough

5. Others went for car customizations of epic proportions

6. And even though some of the revellers might've gone a bit overboard...

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7. Places all around Malta instantly turned into massive street parties

The festivities will come to an end this weekend with a huge mass meeting on Floriana's Granaries. After that, things should quieten down and we'll just find something else to be fanatical about. Festi, anyone?

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