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IN PHOTOS: The Ever Given Is Finally Free, So Here’s What It Would Look Like If It Came To Malta

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For the last week, the world has been on the edge of its collective seat watching a ship stuck in sand.

Evergreen’s Ever Given was stuck on the banks of the Suez Canal for five day before finally being released by the blessing of a swelling full moon tide and the strength of two powerful tug-boats. This came after days of dredging and several weaker tug-boats failing to make any progress.

With global trade getting back on track, it is still unclear what the future of the Ever Given is. Is it currently on its way to its original destination, Rotterdam? Is it going home with its rudder between its legs?

Or is it, possibly, heading… for Gozo?!

To be fair, it probably wouldn’t even make it into Grand Harbour judging from what we know about it…

Or any other port to be totally fair…

…though Malta can offer ample parking in certain areas.

We said certain areas, not every area.

Guess it really is time to go back to your country – thanks for everything Ever Given, and let’s hope you never halt global trade again.

If you want to see what a 220,000-ton vessel looks like in other parts of the world, check out this neat website.

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen just how real the operation to remove it was, here’s one of the tug boat teams chanting and celebrating after the great success.

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