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12 Insanely Useful Hacks For Driving In Malta

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1. There’s a tiny lever you can hit which will show people you’re turning

It’s almost like there’s a way to indicate your intended direction. Crazy. You can check out an instructional video by Lovin Malta here.


2. There are these awesome lines on the floor tell you when you can and cannot just cross over

It’s so cool – when you see a solid white line you can’t cross it. This way, you drastically reduce your chances of hitting oncoming traffic. Epic.


3. If there isn’t parking right in front of your destination, you can park down the road and walk

Yes, your car won’t disappear if you can’t see it at all times, and there’s no need to block a whole road – instead, you can walk for two whole minutes from further down the road.


4. At a roundabout, the person coming from the right, always has right of way

Yes… always. Even if you’re running late.


5. If you drive in the right-hand lane, you should totally use it for the super cool function of overtaking someone

Otherwise, there’s this insanely cool other land on the left that you can just chill in.


6. There are these awesome signs that tell you what speed you should be going at

Useful right? Apparently they’re easy to miss by some drivers, but we promise they’re totally there.


7. Driving can totally ruin your amazing party buzz

So if you’ve been out drinking and partying, don’t kill it by – well, dying.


8. People on the phone can’t hear you clearly while you’re driving

So it’s really not worth having that conversation. Also, you increase the risk of dying by an insane percentage… so like, put the phone down.

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9. One-way streets apply to everyone, even those who live there and know the area well


10. There is a light setting between ‘off’ and ‘BLINDINGLY BRIGHT’ 

And you should totally try it sometime. You’ll be able to see the road and so will the person in front of you. Crazy cool.


11. Your car won’t spontaneously combust if you don’t drive off from the traffic lights the millisecond the lights turn green

So there’s no need to honk endlessly if someone hasn’t moved instantaneously.


12. The letters S, T, O and P on those red signs spell out STOP 

Which means halt. Bring your vehicle to a speed of 0km/h. It doesn’t mean, ‘hey bro, slow down a tiny bit but don’t worry too much about actually stopping’. We know, it can get confusing… but that’s why we wrote this post!


Tag a friend who really needs these tips in their life.

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