8 Instagram Shots You Might Forget Are Actually Taken In Malta

Sometimes all it takes is a unique angle

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Millions of photos are taken in Malta and uploaded onto Instagram on a daily basis, but it's the ones that don't instantly give the location away which can really stick with you.

Here are eight photos taken around the islands which show a different (and just as stunning) side to Malta, to the point where you could probably convince people they weren't even taken here in the first place. The great thing is that they all were, which is probably why they're so beautiful!

1. Mdina looking like an Italian city in the peak of the Renaissance

2. Ħal Safi going all tropical forest on us

3. Trailer park in Central USA? Nope, Malta

4. Sure, it might look very Mediterranean, but this shot at Xlendi also has a strong treasure-island-in-the-Pacific-ocean vibe to it

5. Unconverted Palazzo in Żebbuġ, or haunted house on the outskirts of Transylvania?

6. Vamos a la playa

7. You don't need to head to the ocean to encounter fascinating sea creatures...

8. US East Coast road trip anyone?

Tag a photographer friend who can easily pull this off!

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