Is This Malta's Biggest Kinnie Collection?

One man on a mission to get all things Kinnie

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Kinnie is a Maltese classic for a reason. It's a mix of Maltese citrus with bitter herbs creates a national soft drink that rivals any other national soft drink - even the glorious Irn Bru. 

Tourists, as well as visiting Maltese people, often ask for a Kinnie soon after stepping off the airplane at Luqa. 

But one Maltese man has gone above and beyond the call of duty in his love for the tastiest bitter orange drink on the market and amassed a massive collection of Kinnie memorabilia - including some unopened bottles of 50-year-old Kinnie.

Neville Demicoli has been collecting all things Kinnie since 2013, and has collected over 150 different items - and is still on the hunt for more.

"I used to collect a lot of things from stamps, coins and banknotes to bottles, tins, vinyls, advert glasses and mirrors," Neville told Lovin Malta.

"As these collections grew in numbers and took a lot of space I decided to specialise and thought it would be nice to specialise in Kinnie, our own unique Maltese drink," he said.

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His collection spans over half a century of Kinnie, with everything from branded lighters, ashtrays, cups, mugs, caps, hats, coolers, bottler openers, schoolbags, keychains, clocks, a mousepad and even a Kinnie basketball.

Even though he has a ton of memorabilia, all of which he loves, he has a clear favourite.

"I have a Kinnie 40th Anniversary glass, still in its original packaging, which is quite a rare find," he says of his favourite piece.

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While he does have an assortment of Kinnie clocks from throughout the ages, Neville has his eyes set on one specific piece of memorabilia to get in 2018. 

"There is an old Kinnie clock which I would like to add to my collection but seems very difficult to find," he says of the holy grail of Kinnie items.

But as a determined and experienced collector, our money is on Neville finding the old Kinnie clock this year - and probably a lot more interesting Kinnie items as well.

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