It Didn't Snow This Weekend (Shocker) But These Pics Will Make You Wish It Did

There's nothing an app can't fix

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As temperatures plummeted over the weekend, the standard "will it snow?" vs "no it won't Sarah, we live on a small island and it's absolutely impossible" arguments flared up.

Unfortunately for those wishing for a winter wonderland, the cynics won again. And just to kick you while you're down, take a look at how beautiful Malta would look if it really had snowed.

Photos, and snowy filter by Albert Camilleri.

1. Perhaps we're just not used to seeing it

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2. Or maybe it's cos we're so desperate for snow

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3. But every photo that's filtered this way 

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4. Is just so enchanting

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5. And makes you want to spin around and stick out your tongue

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6. And sure, deep down we know it'll never happen

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Image: Ugo Cei Photography

7. But we can dream - and what a stunning dream it is

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