Italian Photographer Captures The True Essence Of Malta's Beautiful Wildlife

Dolphins, lizards and spiders and so much more

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Luca Miselli is an Italian photographer residing in Malta, and his Instagram account is full of love for our island's nature.

Specialising in wildlife and nature photography, Miselli has a knack for not only capturing some of the lesser-spotted sights of Malta's fauna and flora, but also its most adorable.

1. This tiny-legged cutie chilling out at Wied Għollieqa

2. An adorable crab soaking up the Maltese sun

3. Pretty flowers giving life to Wied Għollieqa

4. Hands down the cutest baby spider ever

5. A Comino shrimp looking trippy AF

6. This dolphin chilling out near Marsascala

7. A mildly pissed off chameleon in Manoel Island

8. The most chill frog in the universe

9. Some cool jellyfish at the National Aquarium

10. Isn't this the cutest gecko ever?

11. These two dolphins enjoying a lovely swim

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Written By

Chiara Micallef