Last Night's Thunderstorm Over Malta Is A Reminder Of Nature's Beauty And Power

Just in case Planet Earth II wasn't enough awe for one day.

Storm Cover

Photo: Fredrick Muscat

So we've all seen the endless wave of out-of-focus shots of the sky for the supermoon, but last night Malta decided it didn't want to settle for an impressively close satellite. No, instead we would have a Supermoon and a Superstorm. Because we don't like to do things by halves.

Check out some of the amazing shots from last night:

1. The clouds looked beautiful

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2. And angry

3. And sometimes a little bit of both

4. The sea got the worst of it

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5. As the sky lit up like it was the day

6. And the clouds looked nuclear

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7. As the lightening danced across the sky

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Bonus: And we can't forget the supermoon - which one reader stayed up all night to capture the perfect shot!


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