Last Night's Thunderstorm Over Malta Is A Reminder Of Nature's Beauty And Power

Just in case Planet Earth II wasn't enough awe for one day.

Storm Cover

Photo: Fredrick Muscat

So we've all seen the endless wave of out-of-focus shots of the sky for the supermoon, but last night Malta decided it didn't want to settle for an impressively close satellite. No, instead we would have a Supermoon and a Superstorm. Because we don't like to do things by halves.

Check out some of the amazing shots from last night:

1. The clouds looked beautiful

2. And angry

3. And sometimes a little bit of both

4. The sea got the worst of it

5. As the sky lit up like it was the day

6. And the clouds looked nuclear

7. As the lightening danced across the sky

Bonus: And we can't forget the supermoon - which one reader stayed up all night to capture the perfect shot!


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