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Living Room With A View Of L-Aħrax: Someone Just Placed A TV And Armchairs In The Countryside

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If you take a walk through l-Aħrax, you might spot something jarringly out of place. Someone plonked a basic living room, composed of two armchairs facing a TV, right in the middle of the Mellieħa countryside. 

Labour MP Clayton Bartolo took a photo of the ‘living room’ himself while walking through l-Aħrax and published it in Parliament last night to highlight just how little some people care for the environment.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it,” he said. “Someone must have taken the armchairs and TV out of his house, placed them in a van, drove to the cliffs and discarded them there instead of simply calling up the local council to pick them up form outside his home. Have we now reached an extremity whereby people prefer discarding their furniture in the countryside instead of ringing their local council? I have no idea how some people are still reasoning this way in 2019.”

In an impassioned rant against what he referred to as the ‘Ġaħan Malti’, Bartolo criticised campers for driving their cars right into the countryside, lighting up barbecues directly under trees and knocking down rubble walls to pick up snails or enter certain zones.

“No matter how many awareness campaigns we carry out, there will always be that Ġaħan Malti who damages the environment without even realising it,” he said. “I’ve seen people who take half their home, generator and all, out camping with them. If you go camping, you should be at one with nature, and if you want to take half your home with you, then do everyone a favour and just stay at home.”

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