Malta Has Some Seriously Stare-Worthy Street Art, And Here's Some Of Our Favourites

And here's some of our favourites

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Luckily for everyone who loves staring at street art, Malta has more than its fair share of beautiful murals and graffiti that bring a lot of colour to the island's streets.

There are many different styles which showcase the talents of the artists behind them... and here are some of our favourite examples.

1. Monopoly Man driven by Oxen

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Uploaded by u/Cr7NeTwOrK on Reddit

Located in the White Rocks Complex in Pembroke, this piece is as large as it is pretty jaw-droppingly colourful.

2. This cool green pup

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Located on a side street in Gżira, this guy has all the swagger you could ever hope for.

3. An epic mural for the shutters of a car wash

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Created by famous street artist and tattooist Justin Bonnici for a new carwash shop in Fgura.

4. This mural with an important message

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Local visual artist Twitch is definitely no newcomer to controversial street art, and his piece 'Under the Carpet' at Msida's Skate Park had made headlines when it appeared just over seven months ago.

It portrays “the surreal situation in Malta with vultures running the country eager to scavenge as much cash as possible whilst all the serious issues seem to get conveniently swept under the carpet,” Twitch said of his piece.

The whole piece was mired in controversy, with Twitch using the space to cover up a previous work portraying gangster Joseph Muscat (a process which some news houses completely misread). "I was tired of seeing Joseph's face at the park and thought it was time to tackle a new subject while trying to keep it slightly less direct," Twitch had told Lovin Malta with a smile.

5. The Mediterranean Tunnel

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Photo Credit:

Located in Sliema and designed by street artist MTO back in 2015 for the Malta Street Art Festival, this popular (and huge) piece shows the struggle of migrants who escape for a new life.

In case you were wondering, there is an actual other side... and it's in Italy's Sapri. The two-part mural ties the two works to yet another piece which MTO had completed in Sliema on the same theme, The Mediterranean Door.


Photo from Twisted Sifter

6. This handsome crab

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There are crabs, then there are crabs. And this colourful dude in Sliema is equally realistic, badass and downright handsome.

7. Donald Trump's punched up face

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Artist Chemis created this mural in Pembroke showing a tiny boy punch Donald Trump's face up. As with some of the best street art out there, the placement of this work and the context of the broken-down building is what really makes this a highlight.

Did we miss any of your favourites? Share them in the comments and tag someone who loves street art!

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