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Malta Is In For A Humid Night As Humidity Levels Are Currently At 100%

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Malta is in for a super humid night, as relative humidity levels are currently at a whopping 100% all over the Maltese islands.

The island is used to high levels of humidity, but reaching 100% across the entire island is quite a rare feat.

“The levels of relative humidity are at 100% all over the Maltese Islands. The air around our islands will continue to feel like a steam bath over the next couple of days,” Malta Islands Weather said in a Facebook post. 

“This is because the sun will continue evaporating the rainwater from the soil and vegetation,” the weather page explained.

High levels of relative humidity often lead to the air feeling much warmer and clammier than it actually is, especially during nighttime.

The weather page also projected expectations of a very warm and gusty southerly wind overnight and urged drivers to drive carefully as roads are extra slippery.

What do you make of this? 

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