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Malta Named As The Second Best Place For Expats Globally

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Malta has been named as the runner up for the best place to be an expat in the world. 

In a survey carried out by Expat Insider, which saw over 14,000 respondents answer various questions about their quality of life abroad, Malta beat out almost every single other nation they were up against.


Image: Expat Insider

The study, which saw us climb from third last year, to second this year, considers various factors about life in different countries, from climate to family safety. Here’s a few highlights about the way expats view Malta:

1. We’re #1 for ‘ease of settling down’

41% of expats said it was very easy to settle down in Malta – that’s well over double the global average of 16%.


2. We’re 6th in ‘Quality of Life’ with ‘Transport and Travel’ seriously lowering our average 

We’re 1st for leisure, 2nd for happiness, and 5th for safety – but when it comes to transport… we rank 44th.

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3. Most visit Malta looking for greener pastures, or to live as close to paradise as possible

18% of respondents said they’re expats because they’re looking for a better quality of life – and many of those found that in Malta (the survey ranks us in 2nd for entrepreneurial possibilities).

And for 6% of those who took the survey, travelling is all about living in their dream destination, and to most – that’s our little Malta!

Dream Destination
Greener Pastures

Image: Expat Insider

4. Expats in Malta are the happiest with their relationship

Must be all those beach sunsets!


Image: Expat Insider

5. Almost half of all expats plan to stay in Malta permanently

With around 75% of participants saying they ‘couldn’t be more pleased’ with the weather and climate, it’s no surprise 49% plan to live the rest of their lives in Malta.

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You can read more about the results of the survey on Expat Insider’s website

Featured image by: Ronny Siegel. Thanks Yasmine for the tip!

Are you an expat living here? What do you love about Malta? Tell us in the comments on Facebook!

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