Malta Needs More Passive Aggressive Traffic Signs Like This

A helpful translation can go a long way

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Malta's streets have become a jungle to navigate, and the summer heat definitely only makes matters worse. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed and are drawing a blank when it comes to basic traffic signs, our island is here to help.

Earlier last September, a traffic sign showed up next to Siġġiewi's primary school with a beautifully passive aggressive message - "STOP TFISSER IEQAF", literally translating the age-old, international sign. The fact that we've come to needing a sign like this is actually quite worrying, but the execution is unintentionally hilarious.

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Since then, people have been spotting similar signs all over the island, with new local satirical page Ġaħan Onlajn sharing a photo of another spotting yesterday. Will we eventually end up with all the STOP signs in Malta coming with this passive aggressive translation? All signs point to yes.

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