Malta Sees 135% Price Increase Since 2000 And It’s The Highest In Europe

The cost of living went up by 41.2%

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New research published by Eurostat shows Malta has seen a cost of living increase of 41.2% since 2000. The study focused on price levels for food, education, tobacco and beverages across EU countries.

The most prominent increase was seen in education, with Malta's notably being the highest price hike across Europe at 135.5%

Price Level Index For Food And Non Alcoholic Beverages 2017

IMAGE: Eurostat

Other European countries only saw a 36% rise

While Malta is seen as one of the cheapest countries in the EU, the increase jars with most outsiders' perceptions of the the country's price of living.

It was also noted that private health service fees have gone up by 63.5%.

The cost of electricity, fuel, gas, housing and water has also increased by 66.3% since 2000.

The Eurostat study reported that food prices went up 68.7% in just 18 years, while a 100.2% increase was marked on alcohol and tobacco. Roughly, prices are now double what they were 17 years ago.

Clothing, footwear and postal services however have been noted to have decreased in price by 13.2%.

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