Malta's 6 Most Frustrating Speed Camera Traps

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There's no denying the necessity of speed cameras in a country which is overflowing with bad drivers, but if Malta were to ever unite behind a single cause, it'd be our frustration at the dreaded flashing fine machines.

Keeping in mind that speeding is never a good idea, here are the six most frustrating speed camera "traps", ranked from the nuisances to the utter rage-inducers.

6. The Burmarrad Bypass

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Considering all the accidents that have happened here in the past, it's understandable that they place a camera here. But this tantalisingly long, straight road in the countryside will probably make you wish the speed limit wasn't an awkward 10km/h less than the national speed limit.

5. Mdina Road, Qormi

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When the stars align and the traffic lights all turn green, this is one road where you need to force yourself to track your speed. However driving on the other side, you'll encounter a speed camera right in front of the KIA showroom which is designed to catch those rolling down the downhill - watch out for sudden braking.  

4. The end of Birkirkara Bypass 

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Most of the people driving through this road are either going to work, University, or Mater Dei. Those are three situations where you might find yourself wanting to hit the gas pedal, not the brake. And after such a long expanse of road, this speed camera has to be one of Malta's most strategically placed.

3. The Santa Venera Tunnels

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The two speed cameras on both lanes at the end of these tunnels are frustrating for the same exact reason, you're usually stuck in so much traffic before, that when the road clears up a bit, 60km/h isn't your ideal speed. 

That being said, the most annoying part about these speed cameras is the sense of irony that washes over you when you're stuck in stand-still traffic under a large sign saying: 60km/h.

2. The Manwel Dimech Bridge Tunnels

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Whether you're hyped up and heading to Paceville, or coming back in the early hours of the morning (hopefully you're not one of those assholes driving drunk), the speed cameras at the exits of the Manwel Dimech bridge tunnels are one of the most susceptible to flashing.

1. The Attard Cemetery's 50km/hr Nightmare

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The second anyone mentions 'annoying cameras', everyone's mind instantly pictures Attard. Located at the point where Mdina Road meets Notary Zarb Street, right before a small cemetery, this speed camera seems to be the most hated in all of Malta. 

With an exceptionally low 50km/hr speed limit, many claim this wasn't built for road safety, but as a cash cow. Some years back the machine was responsible for the issuing of 5,129 speeding tickets in just 10 months. 

Since this year marks the tenth anniversary since the installation of the Attard speed camera, we're hoping that most people have learnt their lesson and have managed to contain their frustration. Stay safe and keep calm people.

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