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Malta’s Great Winter Debate Is Back

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As summer fades away and the darkened coldness of winter approaches, there is one question that is on the lips of all Maltese homeowners in Malta:

To keep the “geezer” on, or not to keep the “geezer on” – that is the question. 

And with this question, comes many more questions on social media.

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But the answer is far from simple, and will take you down a slippery slope of lukewarm water and angry siblings.

Is it really more energy efficient to just leave the heater on at all times? Or does it make sense to only use it when you need it. Should you invest in one of these new-fangled timers? The answer, while obvious, might surprise you.

To keep it on or turn it off?

Treating your water heater like the massive kitla at a cafe’ is a tried and tested method – if it’s good enough for the working class of Malta, it’s good enough for our households, and you can run and tell that.

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Keeping it on all all times is also basically a backup plan for people with too much stuff on their minds.

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But this is the kind of argument that needs a little bit of expertise, it seems. 

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Yep, it definitely needs some expertise.

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At the end of the day, this age-old Maltese debate may finally be solved with the advent of technology, as one Maltese man so succinctly put it.

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How do you heat your water in winter? Let us know in the comments below.

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