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Malta’s iGaming Summit Will Beat Traffic With A Little Help From A Few Helicopters…

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The one thing no high-profile delegates would want to worry about when visiting a country is traffic, especially when that country is one of the smallest they might ever visit. SiGMA, Malta’s annual iGaming summit, has offered a particularly creative solution to this problem for this year’s event: helicopters.

To SiGMA and their clients, time is money and they (like anyone else) don’t want to waste it.

SiGMA will be beating the typical Maltese traffic by assigning their branded SiGMAcopters to ferry delegates to and from the Dragonara Resort in St Julian’s across the island for drop-off at Ta’ Qali, where the annual iGaming summit is set to take place mid-November.

Anyone wanting to hitch a ride to the event in style should keep their eyes peeled to SiGMA’s Facebook page for more details in the coming days.

But in the meantime, we’ll be sitting here in traffic wishing we had a helicopter on call 24/7.

Would you catch a ride in a helicopter to beat the traffic in Malta?

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