Maltese Christmas Cracker Jokes Perfect For Every Family Gathering

So bad they're good


If a Christmas cracker joke doesn't make the whole table groan, they've not done their job right. This year we thought we'd help spice things up a bit with a nice, local twist.

1. What did the shoemaker's baby get for Christmas?


2. And what did his wife, a gardener, receive?


3. What do you call a remote-control activated crib?


4. What does Carina do when she needs to calm down?

She makes a warm mug of Ben Chamomille

5. How did the spider become so popular?

It made a Tamara web

6. What do you call a bird that keeps hiding food in its bag?

A Piti-Rossi

7. Why couldn't the baby polar bear sing in the choir?

He was a little 'ors

8. What do you call a bride-to-be who causes a lot of problems?


9. What did the three wise Maltese students bring Jesus when he was born?

Debt, inċens u birra

Written By

Chucky Bartolo

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