Maltese Health Authorities Warn About The Negative Affects Of Etna's Volcanic Ash

After Etna erupted last Monday, authorities are wary of ash that was seen over Malta last Thursday

Etna Erupting Feature

The Sicilian Mount Etna eruption that happened earlier in this week didn’t end up in a massive Malta-drowning tsunami. But Maltese health authorities are concerned nonetheless, especially since ash from the volcano appeared over Malta last Thursday.

The eruption, despite looking quite majestic, has wreaked havoc. The airport in Catania was temporarily closed, 30 people were injured by the tremors of the magnitude 5.0 earthquake that ensued, while some buildings in Catania were damaged.

In Malta a huge column of ash made its way to our shores, which is reportedly dangerous for our health.

Volcanic ash can be harmful for those with existing respiratory conditions such as asthma, emphysema and bronchitis if it settles on the ground. The ash can also affect our skin when exposed to certain elements and it can cause irritation in our eyes.

Etna Erupting

A shot of Etna erupting from aerial view sent to Lovin Malta by Nastja Kovač

The health authorities are encouraging people to keep updated on weather reports and, especially those who are in increased risk, to keep their windows and doors closed. If you experience any symptoms, you should contact your doctor.

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