Maltese Instagram Accounts That Capture Life In Malta Perfectly

Malta – expertly filtered


You know those moments when you're tired of social media – when your head is about to burst from all the notifications, statuses and comments? That's when most people take respite in Instagram. 

It's perhaps the most quiet and un-intrusive of all the social media platforms. And what's more it provides inspiration by the bucketload. We've picked out seven Instagram feeds that we think capture different aspects of Maltese life beautifully. If you're not already following these guys, you need to get on it.

1. Maltadoors

Doors are everywhere, but we rarely stop and take the time to admire them. Malta is loaded with gorgeous examples – all from different ages, in different colours, and in varying states of repair. The person behind this account has an expert knack for capturing the most picturesque doors all over the islands. This account has single-handedly made door porn a thing. 

2. The People of Malta

If you want quirky and varied then all you need to do is look at the humans inhabiting the Maltese Islands. Or you could just follow this Instagram account. It perfectly captures the warmth, humour, and outright peculiarity of the Maltese race. 

3. Kelma Kelma

We absolutely love these guys for reminding us how awesome our native tongue is. Their stuff is hilarious, relatable, and super smart. 

3. Maltatype

Maltatype's mission is to document the most stunning examples of typography in Malta and Gozo. The guys behind this account say their curated images "originated from a love of type". They also do some of their own stuff, which is nothing short of awesome. 

4. Trackage Scheme

If you are all about the alternative music scene in Malta, then you've got to follow these guys. They support and promote artists in Malta across a wide spectrum of musical genres, and their Instagram reads like a music-lover's haven. 

5. Bird Life Malta

If you love nature and all its wonders but can't seem to carve out enough time to spend on exploring it – follow the Bird Life Malta Instagram account. Their winged protagonists are so cute they'll probably motivate you to be outdoors more. And you'll learn more about the birds that fly through our islands and make it their home. How fun is that?

6. Pasties tal-Pizelli

If you go by the mantra that 'weird is cool' and enjoy abstract vignettes of Maltese life and landscape – this account is perfect for you. It's theme is un-secific, but it centres around sights and situations of Malta. It's definitely one for the artsy folks. 

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