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Maltese Mother Of Child With Disability: ‘Police Told Me There’s No Point In Fining Disabled Parking Bay Abusers’

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A Maltese woman has vented her frustration about police inaction on the abuse of a disabled parking bay in St Julian’s, warning that an officer once told her that fining culprits would be a waste of time.

The woman holds a blue parking badge for her child with a disability and has experienced this issue on several occasions.

“New year, same story (being polite),” the woman wrote on Facebook. “This parking is a blue badge parking for blue badge users, well, in this case, it is used for workmen, contractors and for people who simply want to do a quick errand or wait for someone.”

“I’ve had multiple arguments in some cases I was also told to ‘f off’ because I would need to park. I also contacted local police but I mean in St, Julian’s area they are busy with much more important issue and once I was even told “Madame, what’s the point for us to come and give them a ticket when the following day a new person will park the car again.”

The lack of respect shown by those who use disabled parking spaces for personal use has a severe impact on people and families who live with a disability, and the lack of enforcement on those who do so is inexcusable.

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