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Ways Maltese People Always Struggle To Adapt To Winter

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After surviving the summer heat, the shift towards semi-winter is very often welcomed. That being said, we’re also pretty crappy at adapting to the change, and by the time we’re good at handling winter, it’s summer once more.

Here’s a few examples of why the Maltese suck at adapting to winter:

1. Going out in flip-flops and spending the day with soaked toes and possible frostbite


2. Forgetting an umbrella is a thing people need in winter


3. And then forgetting to take it around with you when you actually own one

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4. Wearing t-shirts and shorts till the wind is so cold you worry you may lose a limb


5. Forgetting your summer furniture on the roof only to hear it get battered by the storm

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6. Forgetting to clean your drains and watching rivers pouring along the side of your house

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7. Remembering all your winter clothes are packed far far away in some remote box


8. Overcompensating with huge scarves, wooly tops and oversized jackets only to end up sweating as soon as you’re indoors 

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9. Keeping a heater, fan, air conditioner and electric blanket in your bedroom just in case


What other ways do we fail at winter? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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