Maltese Photographer Launches Sexy Card Series For Valentine's Day

Can we get ten boxes of each, please?

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Top photographer Kris Micallef has launched a five-piece set of Valentine's Day cards which reject corniness and instead embrace masculine beauty and poetic love. 

Aside from being pretty fun to look at, the cards are a result of a collaborative project between Micallef, model Maciej Gorecki, Michele Tufigno – who wrote the line on the card, and florist Bjorn Borg from Floral. In this case we have to say that too many cooks make a seriously sexy broth. 


"Locally I've always found it difficult to find the 'right' greeting card in shops," Micallef told Lovin Malta. "I've designed my own greeting cards for friends when it comes to birthdays, christmas and so on. A few months ago I launched my online shop where I'm selling fine art prints, and I figured – this could be a great opportunity to introduce cards". 

We would have to agree. We're all for promoting locally-made gifts when it comes to special occasions, so having Maltese-made cards is an even bigger bonus.


"I think it's special that someone would take it a step further and buy a card which is more unique and personalised, rather than going for the rather commercial ones available in stores," Micallef adds when we asked specifically about Valentine's Day.

Having created a series which puts romantic love at its core, we had to ask – is the man behind the camera a romantic himself? "Yes I am. When I am in love – I give it my everything. I make plans, buy gifts, I'm in my own bubble of happiness. However, I'm still waiting for my Prince Charming".

Well he'd be sure to grab the attention of anyone on the receiving end of one of these sensual cards. So would anyone, really. Go on, bring the 'secret admirer' trend back!

If you want to get your hands on any of Kris Micallef's Valentine's Day cards go to his online shop and place your order

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