School Children Are About To Find Out The Quantity Of Air Pollution In Malta

Ziguzajg and the ERA embark on a European project for school children to monitor the quality of air in Malta


Could you imagine being monitored by kids? Well, ŻiguŻajg and Environment & Resources Authority are making that a reality by participating in a European project called Fair with Air at Schools.

The scope of the air quality project is for school children and their teachers to monitor outdoor air quality around their schools in Malta and Gozo. They’ll be given specialised monitoring equipment to monitor the levels of nitrogen dioxide, an air pollutant mostly produced vehicles.

And while these little investigators keep tab on all the gas we're producing, ŻiguŻajg has also decided to host a poster competition called Air Quality: Our Environment & Our Role.

The project was launched yesterday at Spazju Kreattiv and covers aspects such as the science behind the air we breathe and the community’s role in minimising air pollution.

Ziguzajg 1
Ziguzajg 2

“It is important that children embrace the environment as an integral part of their lives”

Minister for the Environment, Hon. Dr Herrera, along with ERA Director Michelle Piccino were shown around the exhibition by Fondazzjoni Kreattività Chairman Rupert Cefai and ŻiguŻajg Festival.

The poster designs were submitted by 5-16 year olds and will be exhibited for the public until Sunday 25th November.

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