Meditate In The Midst Of Paceville: New Roof Garden To Be Inaugurated In One Of Malta’s Busiest Places

Giving locals a much-needed quiet space

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We all need some time to stop and take in the world around us. Whether we need to silence our thoughts or simply understand ourselves better, there's nothing better than having a chill meditative session with ourselves. Now, Paceville - one of the busiest places in Malta - is getting just that.

The people at the Millennium Chapel have come up with the perfect space where you can peacefully do the simple yet powerful practice of meditation.

This sacred space is designed by Richard England and will be found on the roof of the chapel. It will be a place for reflection and meditation in the midst of hustle and bustle in Paceville.

The World Meditation Garden is an amazing project which will be officially opening its doors on the eve of the feast of St. Augustine, 27th of August.

This Meditation Garden is a space which was heavily inspired by Peter Calamatta’s Maltese Plants in the Bible, a book made up of selected biblical scriptures which feature local plants.

The garden will be a reflection of this book as it will be displaying quotes from the bible along the walls accompanied by Maltese plants. The Garden is made up of two levels, Hippo and Casiciaco.

These names are synonymous with the story of St. Augustine. The saint regularly met with his friends at Hippo to meditate. Eventually Hippo was were the first Augustinian community was founded.

Casiciaco on the other hand is where Augustine was inspired to be baptised.

Two trees - dubbed The Tree Of Knowledge and The Three Of Life - will act as the centrepieces of these two spaces. The two trees are the work of artist Noel Attard.

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Chiara Micallef