Mintoff's Final Tarxien Home Has Just Been Given Malta's Highest Level Of Protection

The villa now joins historical monuments such as St. John's Co-Cathedral and the Cittadella Fortifications


Former Prime Minister Dom Mintoff's Tarxien villa has been granted status as a Grade 1 building, putting the home of one of the most controversial politicians in Malta's history among the most protected buildings on the island.

The Planning Authority granted the status while saying the villa had a high level of architectural value, alongside its political, social, and historical value as the former home of a Prime Minister.

The full list of Grade 1 scheduled buildings around Malta include monuments and buildings including Tritons' Fountain, St John's Co-Cathedral, and Selmun Palace.

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Dom Mintoff's villa

A free-standing building right next door known as Dar tal-Kejka has also been given status as a Grade 1 building due its historical and architectural value.

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Dar tal-Kejka

Dr Mintoff, sometimes colloquially known as Il-Perit (The Architect), had designed the detached villa himself, and lived in it up until his death in August 2012. 

His home features elements typical of modernist design, but also put some traditional Maltese elements on show throughout the design. It also featured some interesting architectural features, such as high moulded pilasters with finials and rusticated wall planes. 

An auction selling many of Dom Mintoff's personal belongings was held in 2014, where one of his infamous horse-head belt buckles was sold for €8,000.


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