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‘Move Away From The Kids!’: Maltese Mother Tries To Stop Couple Having Sex In St George’s Bay, Fails

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A Maltese mother has taken to social media to vent about an experience where her children were exposed to a very horny couple on a beach, and she found no help from anyone.

Sunday morning on a public beach at St Georges Bay,” the mother began. “Finding two people naked doing sex in the water with kids staring at them almost doing it on the sand, went to the beach supervisors and lifeguards for help.”

“Their reply was that they are only there to save lives, then can I know who is going to keep our beaches and kids safe?”

The mother lamented the fact that while there were lifeguards stationed on the beach, they were unable to help her stop the couple from getting real close with each other in public.

She also called out the attitude of the lifeguards themselves and questioned the importance of the beach supervisors

“The lifeguard on duty was really arrogant, you should be ashamed of yourselves,” she continued. “There is no place in this country where people do their proper job, and if it wasn’t the lifeguard duty, the beach supervisors are there just to give out ashtrays and to stop topless people.”

After not being served by the local lifeguards and beach supervisors, she took matters into her own hands and approached the couple, telling them to stop having sex in public.

When they ignored her, she called the police.

“The police came after an hour, and I went myself and told them to put on underwear and move away from the kids! I had balls to go and stop them but still they didn’t stop!”

While most people were in agreement that people shouldn’t be having sex in public, many wondered if the lifeguards even had the power to do anything in that situation.

The police appeared after one hour, but as one commentator put it: “By the time the police showed up, the couple was probably done anyway.”

What would you do if you saw a couple having sex on a beach? Let us know in the comments below.

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