7 Types Of Maltese House Names

Dar Dira


In most countries houses are numbered, making it easy to find the place you're looking for without having to drive round in circles and use your most colourful language. But in Malta originality is key. 

Here's a bunch of Maltese house names that will have you raise at least one eyebrow in no time:

1. Name Mix

For when you can't decide on a name or want to express equality. The 50% husband, 50% wife's name house name. 

'Rosvic House' (Rosanne u Victor), 'Moża House' (Monique u Żaren). Very 1+1=2. 

Alternatively, 'Musmar house' (Muscat Mario): 50% name, 50% surname. For those who don't do sharing.


2. Religious

'Kristu Rxoxt House', 'Jesus Mary Joseph House', 'Dar Barnabas', 'Redent House', 'Casa Paċi Miegħek'. The list is eternal.


3. Historical References

'Dragut Not Welcome House', 'Dar Grandmastru Ferdinand von Hompesch zu Bolheim', 'Erġajna Tlifna l-Eurovision House', 'Iġri jitilqu dawk l-ostra Ingliżi House'.

#RichHeritageuProud #NeverForgetWhereYouCameFrom


4. Nature

There's the safe and generic 'Dar is-Sardinell', 'Ħarruba', 'Petunia', 'Dar il-Ħaxix Niexef'. Then there's what Lovin Malta suggests, and they are actual plant names:

Ilsien il-fart abjad (Echium italicum), Basal il-ħnieżer (Muscari comosum), Fexfiex sufi (Hypericum pubescens), (Il-)Kiesħa (Clematis cirrhosa), Lanġas bagħal (Pyrus syriaca), Nittiena (Scrophularia peregrina). 

One could, of course, go for the Maltese or Latin version – just imagine writing either on a children's party invitation.

'Nittiena House, Triq San Bert, Madliena. RSVP'


5. Cities

Some choose to name their houses after places they have been or wherever zija Grace has emigrated.

'Memphis House', 'Dar Benghazi', 'Dar Primark Londra', 'Turkmenistan House', 'Casa Casablanca' (with an orange facade),


6. Celebrity-Inspired

'Graceland', 'Sinatra House' are the most popular celebrity-inspired house names so far. We predict 'Faniello Flats' and 'Villa Vanilla Ice' for the next generation's abodes.


7. Totally Random

Then there are the (seemingly) random names. 

'Dar il-Lembuba', 'Dar il-Lampa Bla Bozza', 'Xummiemu House', 'Dar Qattus Zitek' and 'Dar il-House'. We are not sure they all exist, but they should.


8. Inviting Names

These houses make you want to walk right in, light the fireplace, have a belgħa te fit-tazza and give a content sigh.

'Dar il-mistrieħ', 'Serraħ Rasek House', 'Casa Tħabbel Rasek Xejn'.


'Ara min iqajjimni minn haw!'

Bonus: Word Play

'Dar Dartuni', 'Dar Sa Tuġagħni', 'Dar Ling', 'Dar F'daqqa u Storda'.


So good luck finding the right house for your next children's party without having to drive at 0.5km/hour with enraged, honking drivers behind you. We advise giving up and just looking for the birthday balloons hanging out of said host's window. 

Let us know of any other interesting house names you have spotted in the comments below!

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