'No Barrier No Problem': Is This Malta's Most Innovative No-Entry Sign?

'Dak persuna literalment ala biebu'

Lovin Malta Block Road

As rain once again hits the Maltese Islands, plunging the roads into utter chaos, one driver in Ħamrun has come across a quintessentially Maltese way to block off a road... and it involves a blue car door, and nothing else.

"No barrier no problem - only in Malta," said Carlo Gerada on his Facebook post after snapping the picture this morning.

"At first I said, what a crash - imagine what the rest of the car looks like," Carlo told Lovin Malta

After seeing the photo, we have so many questions

Looking at the scene, it looks like a spot of construction is going on down the road - but who needs a warden and an official permit when you have a random door?

Some people wondered how the car door could have ended up standing upright in the middle of the road, while others confirmed that the car owner was literally 'ala biebu'.

To be honest though, unique ways of blocking roads in Malta is pretty much standard at this point.

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