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‘Oh God, Someone’s Having Sex’: Horrible Situations Malta’s Thin Walls Put Us In On A Daily Basis

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As much as we love Malta and its beautiful architecture, I think it’s safe to say most of us aren’t big fans of our thin walls.

And while you may think it’s an insignificant part of daily life, you know deep down that it’s so much more. Here are seven seemingly small things that quickly become super irritating because of the island’s infamously thin walls.

1. Winters are s.c.a.r.y.

Don’t get me started.

The lack of insulation makes those winters more brutal. Getting back home after walking around in single digit temperatures, you get in bed to warm up… only to find out your bedroom is actually colder than the pjazza.

I guess that jacket isn’t coming off any time soon.

2. And summer isn’t much better either

What kind of sorcery is this?

Please house, I wanted an impromptu fireplace in winter, not now!

Me, casually walking into my salott

3. Did that car drive through the living room?!

Driving like a maniac is already something that sadly comes as second nature to many Maltese people out there… but with our thin walls, every burnout and engine raise will feel like it came from inside the house.


4. Mold me tight!

Painted your walls white but actually wanted them to be more of a dark green and can’t afford a whole repaint?

Just give it a couple of weeks.


5. Don’t gossip at the house party

Strictly follow this protocol.

You might not ever get to know who heard you while you were bitching about Maria from the Accounts department.

6. Oh God… someone’s having sex

Statistically the last thing you want – or need – to hear at any point of any day is your neighbour moaning like she’s inside your house.

Good luck with that awkward encounter in the lift tomorrow morning.


7. Was that a ghost?!

Don’t tell me you’ve never heard a strange noise while you were checking your Facebook in the middle of the night.

And no, you’ll never get to find the real source. Sweet dreams.

Tag someone who knows the struggle all too well!

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