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One Photo To Perfectly Explain Malta’s Biggest Passion (And Its Biggest Flaw)

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The Maltese are a very passionate people, but when it comes to physically expressing their lust, they might end up getting a little carried away. If there’s one thing Maltese people love more than sex, however, it’s littering (consciously or not). 

We’ve seen all the places Maltese people have been caught having sex in, but now, we also have the result of all that. During a cleanup organised earlier this year by Swedish-Maltese activist Camilla Appelgren105 condom wrappers were picked from one location… and the list also included entire boxes.

“The sheer amount shows that you are very passionate people,” Appelgren posted on the increasingly popular Facebook group Malta Clean Up. “Now let’s use that passion to recycle the wrapper afterwards as well.” Cami followed it up with a quick collage of all the wrappers into a nice little heart.

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It’s actually amazing to see all the different coloured wrappers which were used; clearly, not everyone’s up for the same sexual experience. 

All the wrappers, (some empty, but other unused ones from a couple of quick fail-and-getaways, probably) were found in the Pembroke area (near the Reverse Osmosis plant). This makes a whole lot of sense, considering our readers had previously suggested this place as one of their go-tos for a cheeky quickie.

“In this case, let’s skip reuse and reduce,” Camilla said, “but at least, let’s please recycle, or dispose of them properly.”

Littering might not be the first thing on people’s minds when they’re in heat of the moment, but it seems like more Maltese people need to start thinking about these things… especially if they’re going to get nasty in a public place.

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Tag your crush and say nothing

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