5 Maltese People Who Clearly Forgot How To Read

Very conveniently so

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Even though there's lately been a growing trend of cleanups all over Malta, it seems like every rule has to come with a couple of big, horrible exceptions. Here are five people who (conveniently) forgot how to read.

1. This person who's finding it difficult to comprehend the basics

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2. This individual who cannot break down simple phrases into information

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3. Whoever couldn't read the Spinola LOVE Sign Monument's orientation and thought it was telling them to dump their rubbish there

Screen Shot 2017 07 28 At 13 34 03

4. This citizen who's unable to grasp the meaning behind straightforward directions in Maltese and English

Screen Shot 2017 07 28 At 10 49 48

5. This human adult who is downright incapable of deciphering text-based instructions, even if they come with pretty pictures

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