Phrases You Can't Say In Malta Without Everyone Annoyingly Interrupting

Can I speak?

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As Maltese memes and viral videos continue to dominate the online scene, there are unspoken consequences emerging from the popular catchphrases generated. Innocent phrases are being appropriated in a way that has rendered them almost entirely unusable, unless you're willing to suffer through the exact same joke over and over.

1. "Madonna..."

"... Madonna NO!"

An innocent exclamation of surprise that cannot be uttered without someone over-dramatising the whole thing by quoting one of Malta's most famous viral videos.

2. "Tistgħu tgħiduli..."

"... x'qed jiġri hawnekk?"

Lou Bondi's infamous question has taken on a life of its own and claimed the phrase in its entirity. You can never address a group of people in this manner without getting at least three people attempting this response.

3. "X'għandna..."

"... BZZ"

Started by the infamous Minibugz, the TV show that took up so much of everyone's childhood, this silly catchphrase has stuck around for a lot longer than initially suspected. 


4. "Issa..."

"... daqsekk"

The infamous phrase by Tony Zarb comes complete with near-perfect recreations every time you try to start any sentence with 

5. "Kif tista..."

"... ma ċċempilx?"

The phrase every single person living on the island has heard at least 50 times in their life, no Maltese person can ever ask "How can you..." without this interjection.

6. "Dejjem Tiegħek..."

"... Becky"

Unlike the rest, this one is self inflicted. As you're ending any letter and signing off with dejjem tiegħek, there's no way any Maltese person can resist thinking BECKY!

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Chucky Bartolo

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