Police Sergeant Knocked Out By Fighting Brothers At Birżebbuġa Wedding

Suits in that heatwave probably didn't help

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In case you thought you were having a bad Monday, at least you weren't at a court hearing the case of how you reportedly punched and knocked out a police officer at a wedding during a fist fight with your brother.

57-year-old Carmelo Zammit and his 30-year-old son Bernard, both from Tarxien, were at a wedding reception in Birżebbuġa's Villa Blanche, when a heated argument broke out between Bernard and his brother at around 1am. When the police sergeant and a fellow constable who were assigned duties at the reception stepped in to restore order, Bernard ended up knocking the sergeant out of his senses. According to the accusations brought forward against the Zammits, the father also entered the fray at one point, assaulting the police constable. 

This morning during the court hearing, the son pleaded not guilty to having threatened the two police officers and slightly injuring the sergeant, with the accusations also including "damaging his specs whilst being drunk and disorderly in a public place". His father also pleaded not guilty to attacking the constable, and preventing a public officer from carrying out his duties. At the same time, the 57-year-old was also charged with being a recidivist.

The request for bail for each of the co-accused was upheld by the court against a deposit of €500 and a personal guarantee of €2,000. The father and son are to sign the bail book twice a week and were ordered to stay away from the prosecution's witnesses.

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