8 Reasons San Ġwann Deserves A Lot More Love Than It Gets

Why does everyone think it's forgettable?

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When talking about must-see towns in Malta, San Ġwann is almost always forgotten. And sure it doesn't have the charm of Marsaxlokk or the history of Valletta, but when you stop and think about it, there isn't much logic behind the bland status it's been pigeonholed into. Here are some reasons why it needs to be reconsidered.

1. It's got some amazing food joints

Whether you're looking to try the amazing aesthetic and flavours at Emma's Kitchen...

... or are looking for big portions of comforting food from Eat Me I'm Famous (you'll be spoiled for choice, but the pasta is so creamy)...

... or you just wanna try some exotic Hong Kong duck from Okurama

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San Ġwann has you covered for anything tasty your heart desires. There's also Turkish kebab places, pizza take-out, Coral Cafe for a working lunch/coffee and a tonne of other places to try.

2. It's super central

How many other places are literally on the way almost 90% of the time. Bumming a lift or stopping over for a quick visit, there's no one who'll stop and think 'San Ġwann? That's way too far'.

3. It has every shop you could need

Furniture stores, stationaries, haberdasheries, clothes shops, six pastizzi places and every kind of mini and/or supermarket you need. It doesn't boast too many big brand names, but it's unlikely you won't find everything you need.

4. There's a tonne of different sub-areas within it

Anyone who lives in San Ġwann knows that when someone tells you they're also from there you need to narrow down the neighbourhood. Kappara? Mensija? Ħdejn il-fabbriki? The list goes on.

5. It's walking distance to Uni

Everyone hypes up Msida as the place to be, and complains they never find parking there; but one small trip across the valley and you've crossed from San Gwann onto campus easy as.

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6. There's a lot of hidden areas to ramble throughħ

It's not all traffic and LIDL.

7. The chapels across the town are adorable

Mensija's cave-chapel may be the most popular (and with good reason, see below) but Tal-Għargħar, Santa Margerita and Ta' San Filippu u San Ġakbu are also worth a visit.

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8. And there's one that's literally built into a cave

Il-kappella tal-Mensija is unassuming from the outside, but the interior will take your breath away as the cave was converted into a chapel, keeping the exposed stone wall to contrast the finely finished interior.

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