7 Reasons Balzan Is Malta's Most Romantic Town

Cupid's got nothing on this

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It really doesn't get more romantic than a town with St. Valentine as their patron saint. But there's more than a divine presence that makes it so special, and here are six reasons why Balzan happily obliges the hopeless romantic.

1. Balzan's townhouses will make you want to drop everything and move there

There's nothing more romantic than making grand plans on a future with your significant other, and Balzan's gorgeous townhouses will have you saving up to buy a small piece of heaven. 

2. It has beautiful churches that will have you hearing wedding bells

Nothing screams wedding plans more than a pretty church at the end of a long and winding road. Enter Balzan, which offers up anything from humble alley chapels, to huge 17th century churches with stunning paintings from renowned Giuseppe Cali.

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3. Even the rival band clubs in Balzan have a bromance 

Malta is not really known for rival band clubs pulling the same rope, and whether its a matter of cheeky jabs or all-out feuds, there's always a sense of slightly unhealthy competition in the air when the village feast approaches. 

Balzan is a proud exception to this rule, with the two band clubs known to organize an elegant feast together. Thank St. Valentine for the love in the air.

4. It's the perfect place for an evening walk

A lot of towns and villages in Malta have picturesque alleys and narrow roads that are perfect for a late night stroll with that special someone, but Balzan takes that tradition and puts into overdrive. Getting in some cardio has never been this cute.

5. It boasts some of the most intimate wine bars

With elegant venues like Sensations, Melita Gardens and Mezzanin, Balzan has a wide array of choices for that romantic night out. If you want to turn it up a notch, there's always Fra Giuseppe in the very heart of the town square, offering a chocolate fondue that looks like the perfect indulgence. 

6. End the day on a fiery note with Balzan's sunset

With its typical Maltese skyline and an added touch of nature thanks to the San Anton gardens, sunset over Balzan is as picturesque as they get. You're gonna want to take our your camera... or ditch everything and make the most of this moment. 

7. A lot of Maltese celebrity heartthrobs call Balzan their home

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Red Electrick frontman Matt James Borg, TV sweetheart Taryn Mamo Cefai, actor and model Andrei Grech, former Miss Malta Sarah Mercieca and buff filmmaker Andrew Randon.

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