9 Reasons Why Maltese Friends Are Better Than Any Others

They're always a phone call, or three-minute drive, away

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Living in Malta can be frustrating. Everyone knows your business, there are too many people trying to get to the same place, your neighbour knows exactly what you're doing at any given time – the list does go on.

But there are also a lot of amazing things about being stationed on this gorgeous rock, and at the top of that list are the friends you pick up along the way. Here's a few reasons why Maltese people make the best friends.

1. They're always up for meeting

You never need worry about feeling lonely in Malta. Need a shopping buddy – friends will come. Don't want to go to the doctor alone – friends will come. Feel like braving the wind and rain to go out to Paceville, biex forsi tgħabbi – friends will always come.

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2. They forgive easily

No matter how big or small the crime you've committed, Maltese friends quite quickly give you a green card back to normality. Mostly because they know holding grudges on such a tiny island just isn't sustainable.

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3. They always say the right thing

Right when you need it there's always a "ħalli f'idejja", or a "ħalliħ imur magħha jekk irid xi ħadd bħalha, dik tmur ma' kullħadd ta!". That's true friendship right there. 

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4. They're never on a diet for too long

So you it's rare you have to put up with dinner-date rejections, or a 'no' to kebabs after a night out. #SofraHereWeCome

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5. Their family is your family

There are no such things as polite boundaries – you're pretty much invited on the family summer vacation every year. You call your best friend's mum Auntie Natasha, and she's your in-case-of-emergency person on your phone.

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6. They're your biggest cheerleaders

No matter how insignificant your achievements, your Maltese friends will still write an epically long and heart-felt post about it on Facebook. Cringe but amazing.

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7. They will help you hate

You don't need to even give good reason why you dislike a person for you to know, indisputably, that your friend will automatically dislike them too. 

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8. They consider wine to be the glue to your relationship

There's no occasion where Glicine isn't welcome.

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9. They are full of love

They may not say it every day explicitly, but that's just because they don't need to. You're all part of the furniture of one heart-warming, sometimes too close for comfort, Maltese home.

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