Runaway Pig In Marsa Disrupts Rush Hour Traffic And Online Hell Breaks Loose As Everyone Has Exact Same Reaction

The weirdest traffic update you'll read

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"Received: Pig on the loose. Marsa road near cemetery. Pls be careful." That's what a Maltese Road Traffic Update posted during rush hour read earlier today. And while the post was innocent enough, trying to be informative and let drivers in the area know to be cautious, the reactions were as Maltese as they get.

First of all, within a couple of hours, the post had already ramped up dozens of comments and shares, and we're willing to bet a small percentage of those were actually concerned about the runaway pig. Don't believe us? Well, wait until you read the comments.

Within minutes, everyone was tagging their (presumably) closest friends, coming up with the most original jokes ever that no one would've ever thought of before.

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It goes on like this all the way down

Real talk though, 40 identical comments later, we were still snorting away. Like pigs. 

Other people took to Facebook to share the news themselves, and after the incident also made it onto Malta's airwaves, the runaway pig became an instant celebrity on everyone's newsfeed.

Of course, it's time to address the elephant in the room (weird analogy to use in this context, we know): a whole hour and a half after being reported, there was still no photo of this mysterious pig.

However, seeing as he was spotted in the vicinity of the Marsa main road, that only means no one used their phone while driving. Kudos.

Tag the first person who comes to mind

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