Shit To Stop Telling Quadruplets in Malta

Did you know that I was a quad?


Quadruplets in Malta are rare. Unheard of, even. Yet I so happen to be one. I’ve got two sisters and a brother and over the years we’ve experienced people saying some pretty random shit when we let them know that we’re quadruplets.

So guys, if you ever meet a quadruplet (or meet me or my other thirds) just… just please refrain from saying any of the below.

1. “OMG you’re quadruplets?!”

This - and it’s something that I can’t quite get - is always yelled at us.

People scream in our face and announce the fact that they’ve just met a quadruplet.

2. “So are you, like, all the same?”

Thankfully, no, though meeting identical quadruplets would be cool.

It might even merit you screaming in my face. Maybe.

3. “Ma, msieken your parents”

This one might very well be true.

But they seem to like having us around so I guess it’s not all too bad. Besides, implying someone's parents should be pitied for having them isn't a very nice thing to say, you know?

4. “How cute, do you all share the same friends?”

We first need to address the “how cute.”

I’m not sure why, but there’s a certain point at which people start looking at us as though we’re a litter of pups. They get all giggly and excited by anything we say.

And of course, no we don’t share all of our friends. Only some of them.

5. “Have you ever met any other quads?”

We've met twins and triplets, but they're not on our level.

Even identical multiples aren't as cool as us.

6. “Three girls and one boy? I pity your brother”

He really didn’t suffer, we treated him just fine.

But don’t ask him, because he’ll tell you otherwise.

7. “You’re the first quad I’ve ever met”

Awkward nodding and just standing there ensue.

This goes from me thinking I'm a beautiful unicorn to me feeling like an endangered animal in a zoo.

BONUS: “What fun! I wish I was a quadruplet!”

While we're fed up of hearing this, we can't help but see where this is coming from.

Being a quadruplet is lots of fun. It's the first squad I knew and having them constantly around made growing up that much more entertaining.

If you know a set of quadruplets, tag them in the comments below!

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Written By

Becca Bonello Ghio

Becca's a quadruplet that's into poetry, people, and politics. Give her some nutritious food and tell her a sarcastic joke and she'll become your friend for life. Or just contact her at [email protected]