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8 Signs You’re Doing Well In Life In Malta

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As we grow older, we tend to get caught up in the stresses of everyday life, but sometimes it’s good to stop and smell the roses. And since we don’t have any of those just growing wild, let’s stop and appreciate the good things in life instead.

1. You’ve learnt to say ‘no’ when your friends beg you to go to Paceville on a night you’re not feeling it

Who has time for FOMO when there’s Netflix and wine to be consumed?

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2. You’re OK with accidentally bumping into your ex 

It’s never gonna be fun, but you know you’re doing OK when you eventually bump into them, and you will because Malta, and you don’t run for the hills.

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3. You’re able to prepare more than just froga for lunch

It may not win any Michelin stars, but there’s pride to be had in preparing a decent, balanced meal, particularly when we’re so used to being over-coddled with delicious food prepared for us.

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4. You’re paying for streaming services

From Ares and Limewire, to Piratebay and uTorrent, we’ve all grown up used to free entertainment at our fingertips. Illegal, sure, but also free. 

But when you find yourself paying for Spotify Premium or Netflix, you’re clearly a new, better you.

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5. You know exactly what you’re looking for in a partner

It may be because you’ve found the one (even nanna approves!) or you may have had your heart broken and now know what not to settle for – either way the emotional maturity is a good sign.

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6. You have international friends

Whether they’re old roomies from Erasmus, or new foreign co-workers, having the opportunity to be friends with people from all over the world is pretty neat.


7. You’re able to travel at least once a year

With cheap flights and a new wave of Airbnb bargains, we take travelling for granted. But if you’re able to leave the country for an adventure at least once a year, you know things are going well for you.

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8. You’re looking forward to something

It could be anything from the next big party at Gianpula, to a promotion at work – having something exciting on the horizon is a clear sign that things are going well for you.

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