Sliema Balcony Collapses And Cars Swept Away In Żebbuġ On First Day Of Weekend Thunderstorm

Yesterday was just the first of many consecutive days of rain

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Malta experienced flash flooding all over the island on Friday after heavy rains hit as predicted. Coming down hard before finally lessening, the rainfall caused water to accumulate quickly around the island, causing damage in some areas.

According to Malta International Airport's Official Meteorological forecast, the storm was caused by an unstable mass of air passing through the centre of the Mediterranean - and it led to some pretty shocking scenes from around the island.

A balcony in a Sliema townhouse collapsed

A Sliema townhouse's balcony came crashing down under the weight of the collected rainfall. The collapsed balcony, in Triq Patri Marjanu, led to the road being closed off to traffic for a short while until the debris was cleared.

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Photos by Leon Xuereb

Rain caused waters to rise in various localities

Just look at what happened in Żebbuġ.

Video by Wesley Ellul

It led to a number of cars being swept into the Wied Baqqiegħa area

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Birkirkara experienced some severe flooding in the evening

Video by AnnaliseDarren Parnis

And Mosta was taken by the storm as well

This photo was taken near Telgħa t'Alla u Ommu

Photo: MRTU

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Msida, as expected, got flooded as per usual

Poor Msida

And vehicles were brought to a standstill in Gżira

It wasn't all bad though: Fort St Angelo ended up looking super cool

Photo: Derren Vella

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Did you experience heavy rainfall last night?

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